How to sell gift cards on Tbay?

Step 1- once you've registered and logged in, you are going to start selling your gift cards. Select the gift card brands you want to sell and click on it.



Step 2- Select a vendor you want to sell gift cards to or you can compare the exchange rates or the tag of gift card value amount limits attached on it and make your choice. Finally click [Sell]


Step 3- Input the gift card value and you can see how many Points you can get accordingly and how much Points can be exchanged for Naira.

Must upload a picture of the gift card with clear code.

Of course, you can also click Live Chat with the vendor before you sell gift cards.

At last click on [Sell Now].


Note: You can withdraw cash into your local bank account in the feature of [Points Account] to sell points for cash. 1 point=1 dollar 



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