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How much is $100 Steam Card in Nigeria – Updated in 2023

Steam gift card is absolutely one of the most popular gift cards worldwide, and meanwhile, Steam card always has high demands for the whole year in Nigeria.

Considering the different rates and different platforms, when you decide to resell the steam card for cash or digital assets, you perhaps want to know  how much is $100 steam card in Naira, well, it doesn't have the definitive answer, the final price is based on the market fluctuation and even rates, types of currencies.  

In this article, we will show you how much is $100 Steam Card in Naira and tips to sell your Steam gift card.

What is Steam Gift Card

Steam gift card is issued by Steam, many gamers must have heard and used Steam card for playing games. Technically, Steam gift card is a preloaded debit card that allows you to purchase items on Steam website

What's Steam Card Used For

You can always find the steam card and wallet codes are comes in different denominations with $10, $20, $30, $50, and $100 at retail stores. Once the gift card has been activated, you can feel free to buy games or software, in-game items on the Steam platformYour activation code is important because you need it to add funds to your Steam account, and it can only be activated on Steam platform.

How to Buy Steam Gift Card

It's quite easy to get a steam gift card in Nigeria today. You can buy this card from retail stores and online platforms, such as Amazon or Steam website. Amazon supports lots of payment methods, using your local payments would be better, you'll get your steam card via e-mail delivery within just a few minutes.

How Much is $100 Steam Gift Card in Naira——January, 2023

There are many sites where you can resell your unwanted Steam gift card for cash or digital assets. Tbay is one of the suitable platforms that accept steam card transactions, on Tbay, if youhave $100 steam card, you will get about 49,814 Naira. See the list as below:

Currency/TypeFace Value(Naira)
100 USD/Physical Card₦49,814
100 GBP/Physical Card₦59,474
100 EUR/Physical Card₦53,369
100 EUR-Germany/Physical Card₦53,369
100 CHF/Physical Card₦53,362
100 CAD/Physical Card₦36,077
100 AUD/Physical Card₦34,564
100 SGD/Physical Card₦35,575
Tips: Keep an eye on the market fluctuation and different types of currencies when you want to sell your steam card.


Now you have an overall recognition about the value of $100 steam card. You should know that the final price you can get is based on the market fluctuation and different types of gift cards, currencies. Anyway, you can still resell your Steam gift card for cash. Tbay is a good choice.

Come to visit Tbay and click for sign up, start your trade journey.

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