Why 【Points】 is better than virtual currency?

Now Tbay has upgraded the new version, it’s available to update and download.

What is 【Points】

In order to ensure the safety of funds on the Tbay and improve product experience for users, this time our APP has added a new 【Points】 function, which is equivalent to your wallet on Tbay,in other words, you can take it as your total assets on Tbay. Through the upgraded version, you can use points for gift card transactions. Don’t worry, the value of the points still remains the same as the virtual currency, the 【Points】 wallet will show your balance, which can be seen as your total digital currency in real time, and you can view the total Naira sum of it.

What can 【Points】do

On one hand, you can send your points as a gift to other users on Tbay. The whole process is directly transferred through Tbay's official online address. It is free and instant, safe and reliable, your transaction records also can be traced. It is easy to operate, and the price is fair for everyone.

On the other hand, you can withdraw the points and turn it into Naira. More details you can refer to this blog: https://tbay.store/blog/blog20211020172133089747670pc_EN.html

The advantage of 【Points】

As you know, even if the virtual currency has its own decentralized characteristics, but it also has the big risk when company bankruptcy happens. It’s said that bitfinex manipulates the market, and owing to some reasons of currency policy, virtual currency perhaps confront with the uncertain and unknown risk anytime.

Unlike the virtual currency, points is always stable on Tbay, no matter when inflation or deflation, points stay away from it, which can maintain its value in a balanced and constant level, and it also can be converted to Naira with high rate on Tbay, sounds nice, right?

We ensure that the way to use points is simple and transparent. Vendors can view all transactions history on the blockchain on our sitewhen the transaction is successfully completed, the relative transaction data cant be changed.

Of course, all transactions are safe and secure, our site is totally trustworthy for everyone who wants to earn money, we welcome you and hope you can expand your business trade on our platform. We stand in the middle to judge disputes. No rips and scams, if you have any problems, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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